8 Tips for Moving to a New City

Moving to a new city can be exciting, terrifying, and/or liberating. Whether you are moving for school, for a job, or just to move for the sake of it, you will likely experience all different types of emotions… especially if you are moving on your own. It can be difficult to feel at home in a strange place, the below tips are things that have helped me create a life and a home in a new city.

Photo by Oleg Magni on Pexels.com

The best advice I have heard and can relay is to immerse yourself in your new life, try to experience as much as you can, whether it is stepping out of your comfort zone to meet new people, explore new places, or taking up a new hobby. I promise you won’t regret it.

Keep in touch – Just because you have moved does not mean you need to lose your relationships. It will be harder especially if you are in different time zones, but it will definitely make you feel less lonely.

Explore – venture out of where you are comfortable and see new places. If your city is a metropolis like London, New York or Toronto there are loads of different aspects to the city. Explore reddit for some cool restaurants, museums, parks, tourist hotspots, or just cool areas you want to see.

Build new relationships – yes, stay in touch with your existing relationships, but don’t rely on them. Build relationships with anyone you can, whether it is coworkers, classmates, or friends of friends, before you know it they will be friends for life. Going out for drinks after work, or grabbing lunch with some classmates will help you develop these friendships.

Take up a new hobby – whether you decide to take a class, or join a running group you will not regret it. You will be able to develop relationships with people you have stuff in common with and you can learn a new skill along the way.

Use social media – using meetup apps or groups will help you put yourself out there. There are loads of dating apps but there are also a ton of friend apps, it may seem odd at first, but as an adult it is difficult to make friends outside of work or school so give it a shot.

Build a home – I don’t mean physically build one, but after a long day spent exploring, at school, or at work you want to be able to come home and relax, no shame in a binge Netflix night. Decorate the way you want, and if you are living with flatmates you don’t know you may not be able to decorate the whole house, but at least doing your room will make it feel more homey.  

Love yourself – when moving somewhere you don’t know anyone you will find yourself spending time alone – this is good! As a rule of thumb for me, it is difficult to find friends or significant others to like you if you don’t like yourself so learn to like spending time alone.

Go easy on yourself – okay so you have finally done it, moved to a new city and are ready to get started with your new life. Truth bomb – it doesn’t happen overnight, it can take a while to finally feel settled but don’t let that discourage your. I guarantee that anyone that has moved to a new city has not felt settled instantly, it is hard so cut yourself a break and don’t be too hard on yourself.

As a final point, be proud of yourself. I moved from Toronto to London almost 2 years ago and looking back it is insane how courageous you have to be to do that. Looking back on the last 2 years I have grown so much and have developed life-long friendships because I took myself out of my comfort zone. Although to some it may not seem like a big deal to uproot your life, it is a shock to your system both emotionally and physically so be proud of the courage you have.

Take it in stride. It is an exciting, terrifying, and revitalising adventure so take it in stride and take advantage of your support system.


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